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Power is in the DNA R. The club that transformed the BBCOR game now joins the Louisville Slugger Senior League line-up for the first time. The Goal puts a powerful and balanced three-piece composite club in the hands of aspiring young superstars at the USSSA and Senior League level. Our EKO ™ composite rod is designed for maximum performance. A three-piece construction with our patented VCX² ™ connection system pairs with our innovative barrel design, culminating in a swinging club with a huge sweet spot and incredible pop. The Premium GT1 ™ End Cap further maximizes the barrel length and swing speed of the Meta, helping you reach the top.


  • EKO ™ Composite Barrel - designed for maximum performance; light swing, huge barrel and the truest sound in the game.
  • Three-piece design, featuring the patented 3FX ™ connection system that allows a feeling of "stiffness" perfectly tuned to contact by drastically reducing vibrations.
  • Premium GT1 ™ end cap that maximizes barrel length and rotation speed.
  • Balanced swing for the best combination of speed and power.
  • Premium LS PRO Comfort Grip ™ for the perfect blend of grip and cushioning.
  • 2 5/8 "
  • Weight -5
WBL2469002631-31-Colore Unico
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