Before purchasing a glove for your baseball or softball player, it is important to understand the different parts of a baseball glove to ensure you get a glove tailored to your player’s individual preference and on-field needs.

Especially for younger players, choosing a glove comes down to fit and function. In other words, how a glove performs when on your hand is paramount. Additionally, it must be easy to close, lightweight enough to maneuver and help inspire confidence on the field. The first step in choosing the right baseball or softball glove is to determine what size glove is right for the player based on age and hand size. A comfortable range where any beginner should be able to find a comfortable, easy-to-use glove is between 10.75 and 12” depending on age. Reference the chart below for more information.


An important factor in choosing a glove is to choose the right glove for your position. Depending on what position you play, you will want to have a glove tailored to the demands of your position.


Infield Gloves are often the smallest gloves on the field. They feature a shallower pocket, allowing infielders to quickly transfer the ball from their glove to throw out baserunners. A common misconception is that infielders need larger gloves, but even professional baseball players use gloves as small as 11.25” to allow them to transfer the ball quickly. For youth players, infield gloves range in length from 10.75”-11.75”. For high school through adult baseball gloves range from 11.25” to 12.25”. Fastpitch infield gloves range from 11” to 12”. Slowpitch Softball gloves range up to 13”


Outfield Gloves are typically larger gloves designed to help players have extra reach as they track down fly balls. These gloves feature a deeper pocket that prioritizes securing the ball after the catch. For baseball players, outfield gloves range in size from 10.75”-12.5” for youth players and 12.5”-12.75” for adults. Fastpitch and slowpitch outfield gloves tend to be larger, ranging from 12”-13” and 13”-14”, respectively.


Pitcher’s Gloves tend to be sized more closely to an infield glove, while featuring a closed-web pattern to conceal the player’s grip when throwing a pitch. They range in size from 9”-10.5” for tee-ball, 10.75”-12.5” for youth, and 11.5”-12.5” for adult baseball and fastpitch players, and can be as large as 14” in length for slowpitch players.


Utility Gloves are designed for players who play multiple positions and need a glove that can handle the needs of both the infield and outfield. They tend to be on the larger end of the spectrum for an infield glove, and often feature a closed-web design to accommodate players who also pitch. For baseball players, utility gloves range in size from 11”-12” for youth and 11.75”-12.5” for adults. Fastpitch utility gloves typically range from 11.5”-12”, and slowpitch utility gloves can be up to 13” in length.