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WTLW3MI13A16 - Serie 3 Genuine Maple I13 - Mazza da Baseball Louisville Slugger



Series 3 Maple


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Baseball's biggest hitters choose maple for its harder hitting surface and greater durability. The Genuine Maple series is pulled from their original production line for some minor flaw that will not affect the bat's performance. These small production errors mean deep savings on superior bats ideal for practice, batting cages or even games.

  • Series 3 Maple
  • Split Black and Natural Finish
  • I13 Turning Model
  • Slight End Load
  • Regular Finish
  • Cupped


Product SKU(s)WTLW3MI13A1632, WTLW3MI13A1633, WTLW3MI13A1634
Barrel MaterialMaple
Model Year2017